World Travel

I began my photographic journey as a travel photographer. Soon after graduating from Georgetown University, I hit the road for a couple of years, journeying overland from Paris to Singapore and then by boat to the Philippines and Japan. I started my trip with a beautiful Nikon F and a couple of lenses. Unfortunately I […]

Opera House Cup

I’ve been photographing The Opera House Cup since it’s inception in 1973. After a few years of bumbling and countless poorly exposed images (this all began pre digital), I started to get the hang of things. I realized the value of a good chase boat and pilot cannot be taken lightly. I was fortunate enough […]

Portrait Photography

My favorite type of Nantucket photography would have to be family and individual portraits. I’m a people person behind the camera and always have been, not just on Nantucket but the world over. I love all aspects of portrait photography, whether on the beach, in the studio, personal , editorial or walking the streets of […]


After 30 years photographing weddings, my goal is still the same…tell a great story. I consider myself an observer and try not to interfere with the many interactions that occur between the bride and groom, their family and guests.   I think a mix of traditional and contemporary photography is the best approach. In that regard, […]

Fine Art

Fine Art is often a misused terminology. I like to think of it as a deliberate attempt to make a picture that can be displayed and looked at simply for the appreciation of the uniqueness of the subject, whether it be a landscape, still life, an abstract aerial or portrait. It is a deliberate creative […]