Commercial/Editorial Photography

Of all the photographic disciplines, the editorial is the most rewarding in terms of sharing a compelling story with viewers. The great thing about the printed word and accompanying visuals is that the variety of topics is endless.

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Being a writer as well as a photographer on Nantucket, I have been drawn to venture into the world of human interest in a most personally complete manner. The word compliments the image and vice versa. Taking photos and writing about it also sets up a greater rapport with the subject. Photojournalism is the constant challenge I set for my creativity.

There are so many aspects to professional photography. I don’t shy away from many and love being a generalist when it comes to assignments, Architectural and food photography are 2 of my favorites. I have 7 books published featuring interiors and food.

Terry Pommett

Professional Nantucket photographer Terry Pommett has been documenting the people and places of the Cape and Islands for the past 25 years. If you would like to contact him then Click Here.
Phone Number

508 228-5471 (studio)
508 221-8381 (mobile)

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